Pearl Abyss promises less lag, support systems for vets, and a revamped Loyalties Shop in Black Desert


Pearl Abyss would like players of Black Desert to know that they want to support you. More specifically, the company is going to better support you through a number of initiatives and plans. In relation to the game, anyway; it’s very likely that Pearl Abyss doesn’t exactly care about you as a person.

For a start, the publisher/developer is looking to revamp the Loyalties Shop, introducing items that will help gameplay and special items that “are intended to match and react to content updates [and] in-game trends.” Players can also look forward to earning 200 Loyalty Points for completing Challenge every day, and the devs are looking at adding more ways to earn Loyalty Points in-game in the future. On the subject of store items, the Value Pack will also be adjusted, offering a 30% boost to XP earnings instead of 10%.

The devs also plan to improve the game’s network and lag, particularly for players in EU and Oceania who play on NA/EU servers, along with plans to adjust the timing for events like Node War and Conquest War.

Finally, new initiatives to support longtime players of BDO are being planned. Details on what these systems are were not revealed, as the devs are considering scope, how they will work, and what they’ll include, but more details are expected in the future. There are other adjustments being made like new default customization choices for classes, a new font, and the ability to choose NPC spoken languages, so it may be worth it for fans to look through the post.

Just as a reminder, this is the final day that Kakao will be in charge of BDO, with tomorrow being the shut-off date and Thursday being the point where Pearl Abyss’ version is online; players still have until the end of May to transfer their data.


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Dont get your hopes up.

particularly for players in EU and Oceania who play on NA/EU servers

Ive been playing BDO SEA for 3yrs now and servers are in Singapore, they still havent addressed the latency issue for SEA players. kekw


Do they keep the bitcoin mining software in their game or are you finally able to play without keeping the game running 24/7?


Prohibitively expensive gear for the grind required that when you equip it has no noticeable affect on your character until you do it on multiple pieces past TRI. I spent months farming the same areas to go from TRI to TET on a few pieces until I saw a difference in my damage and then what happened? I went to a new area and did the same thing.

Meaningful PvP when desync and tick rate are actively awful and have been since launch on PA’s side of the ocean as well as here(NA)and Europe. What good is 30% XP when you aren’t getting any new skills or meaningful character progression?

They have some innovative ideas that they never really flesh out all the way. I still contend they need PvE only servers.


Personally I think the way the Season servers operate proves that PVE servers would work just fine.

Yes, areas get congested and people get frustrated, but for me at least it’s been less hassle to either share, or change my grind hours or location than deal with non-consensual PVP

Worldofwarcraft Mage

It is a pvp game through and through .pve is just a side flavour that remains poor nd boring in all respects