Lord of the Rings Online runs another Update 29 playtest


For another short period of time, a test window has opened for Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 29. This spring patch is bringing a new chunk of mid-level content to the game, fleshing out the Bree-land map with adventures and areas in the northwest quarter.

SSG laid out the situation: “Beyond the Bree-fields lies the lightly travelled wilderness of the Wildwood. This heavily forested area has drawn the attention of two groups of Free Peoples who vie for its resources. The League of the Axe, a group of game hunters and miners down on their fortunes, seek to tap the land’s resources and ferry their bounty down the Brandywine from Trader’s Wharf to markets abroad. Meanwhile, a group of villagers in Trestlebridge have formed the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood, with the goal of taking advantage of the Wildwood to benefit the folk of Bree-land and rebuild Trestlebridge to its former glory. Both factions must decide the fate of the Wildwood as they work against unsavory Brigands and the Tarkrîp Orcs.”

The update’s also coming with a pair of three-player scaling instances called Woe of the Willow and Agoroth, the Narrowdelve. Take a look at what these dungeons look like in a video from YouTuber Bludborn:

Source: LOTRO

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