Star Stable announces new Wildwoods zone and releases ASMR video

Pictured: A much better honse game.

Gather ’round, fellow horse girls and horse guys, because the kid-friendly equestrian MMO Star Stable is announcing big news for the game today, and it’s just too adorable not to share. Star Stable Entertainment has taken the wraps off of Wildwoods, a brand-new zone for the game that represents the first fully new in-game land the game has seen in the last three years. The update will add three new wild horse breeds, quests, and social activities, plus “calming areas to pause, take in the environment and amazing nature settings, and contemplate.”

“Wildwoods represents the collective work of 16 talented artists, designers, developers, sound and animation experts, and storytellers. For horse and game enthusiasts, the crowning technical achievement is both the new Wild Horse herds as well as the various terrains and biomes in the area. Designed to delight players, Wildwoods is an entire land designed around horses and animals, containing a village built for and by horses where players can meet and play alongside new types of wild breeds – the Warriors, Botanists, and Mystics. In addition to completing new story quests, there will also be a number of social activations, allowing girls to collaborate and create with each other.”

The studio plans to reveal more throughout the month of March, but in the meantime, you can check out the game’s latest video, which is actually a five-hour Wildwoods-themed ASMR vid meant also for relaxation. You will be relaxed on this ride.

Source: Press release
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