Blade and Soul continues revving up its huge engine upgrade


You’ll want to mark your calendar for the third quarter this year — yeah, just block off the whole quarter — because that’s the release window for one of Blade and Soul’s biggest updates to date. It’s called Revival, and it includes reimagined dungeons, better character designs, the sequel to Act XI (where players will explore the Divine Realm), the ability to change classes, and an overhaul of the entire user interface to make it more intuitive.

Another big change coming to Blade and Soul is an upgrade to Unreal Engine 4 from the current single-core engine. This is a massive task for the team, but it was deemed important to reduce loading times.

“We will focus on how the game runs so that you can focus on having fun,” the team said. “Previously, our engine needed to express everything the player saw, even far away objects. That meant wasting resources on visualizing unnecessary data during gameplay. Now, we’re going to break this limitation and express data by prioritizing the closest objects. This will lead to a more detailed and stable performance with less lagging.”


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…where players will explore the Divine Realm…

To note, that’s where my Lyn toons are stuck now into the intro portion of the Divine Realm (B&S’s version of the Shadowlands) along in the main story line. The pigtails have been anxiously awaiting for the plotline to move on from here for sometime now. Glad that’s been worked on instead of forgotten!


Looking forward to this!

Chris Johnson

Same here!