Occupy White Walls introduces gallery music, grid snapping, and a new plaza in the CloudSound update


I haven’t peeked in on the multiplayer art gallery builder Occupy White Walls, but I always sort of assumed it had music of some sort happening in there. Apparently, there’s going to be a lot more music with the CloudSound update, which has the tentpole feature of letting players pipe in music from SoundCloud into their gallery thanks to placeable speakers, jukeboxes, and turntables. Players can even adjust the radius of where music can be heard as well as have music play across their entire gallery with the global setting.

There are other features in the update, too, like a grid snapping feature to let players perfectly align items; an upgrade of the Plaza starting zone to the Piazza Dei Miracoli, with new sights, some easter eggs, and areas where players can build exhibits; a new “Zero Gallery” starting gallery with 33 new assets; a mouse unlock feature to help players build faster and navigate menus easier; and a variety of performance improvements and bug fixes.

source: official site. Cheers, Bhagpuss.
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