WRUP: The rest of the year of meme trends in advance edition


May: Pictures of eggs that have caught fire with captions about why the egg is on fire, ranging from “my clothes are still wet” to “my cat dislikes me.”

June: A new viral app that makes your face look like a goat’s face takes the internet by storm for one week until it turns out that literally every single use of the app involves someone going outside and personally kicking a particularly affectionate puppy.

July: Hermit crabs photoshopped walking on celebrity faces.

August: Word-art versions of the phrase “kick that egg.”

September: The same as August, but now they’re only being done ironically.

October: Spooky, scary mortgage rate advertisements being altered to include pumpkins and witches.

November: What Are You Playing answers are authentic.

December: Someone lost the organization sheet so everyone agrees to just do the egg thing again. Then we realize we like this better and “memes” are replaced in common parlance with “egg pictures.”

Bonus question: What’s the oldest piece of clothing that you have and still regularly wear?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Go will get some time for sure. I’m stocking up on Skrelp and Clauncher candy before they disappear. Monster Hunter Rise is getting more action too. I’ve beat the basic single player and multiplayer quests, but there’s still so much I want out of the game before the next update.

Oldest piece of clothing that I wear regularly is really hard, as I kind of cycle through things based on the season, occasion, and my current weight. So, it’s probably generic underwear, unless “regularly” applies to seasonal clothing, in which case, it’s some comfy formerly fuzzy black pajama bottoms I got before moving to Japan. So comfy!

Andy McAdams: I’ve got some non-MMO things going on this week now that my husband and I are all vaccined up (go #TeamModerna!), but I’ll still be putzing around World of Warcraft periodically throughout the weekend.

Bonus Question: Um, probably my LL Bean Dayhiker hiking boots that I bought in 2006. They are LL Bean, so they are eternal. Despite spending 6 months wearing nothing BUT those boots when I was doing Americorps volunteer work, they still like they are only a few months old.:

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I really want to dig into Cozy Grove this weekend, so apart from some Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2, I’ll hopefully squeeze in time for that.

I let go a lot of my clothes (and a lot of everything else!) the last time we moved cross-country, but I think my oldest piece is a stripey tealy green sweater I’ve had for about 15 years – maybe longer, but I have pics of me in it from about that long ago. My painting pants are about that old too. Yes, I have designated painting pants, what. I still have my favorite mittens that I’ve had since high school too, but obviously those come out only in winter. :D

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX, YouTube, Twitch): This weekend, I’ll be playing League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends. I’m hooked! I never played MOBAs before but right now is the best time to get into them! I’ll be working towards finishing my rank qualifier games and see just how good I actually am at these type of strategy games.

Bonus Question: You’ll probably regret asking, but I’ve got a pair of silk boxers an ex-girlfriend got me way back in 2007. I still wear it when I need good luck. I actually wore them when I applied for Massively OP and look how well that worked!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Satisfactory released a new update that has reminded me that I own the game, so I might fire that one up again. Otherwise it will likely be more alpha testing of Elite: Dangerous – Odyssey, the occasional Monster Hunter Rise, and maybe a spot of Final Fantasy XIV. I’m undecided on that last one.

I generally don’t have any attachment to clothing, so I can’t really come up with an answer for this week’s bonus question. Usually I just see clothes as a way for people to not suffer the horrors of seeing my nude form.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Some usual antics in FFXIV, but primarily I think I’ll be enjoying the newly painted den we have downstairs. (I’m not taking credit for it; my wife did most of the work!)

I forget how old my pink shirt is, and the dang thing is falling apart now so it’s really only a house shirt, but it’s going to be worn until it can’t be worn any longer. I tend to get attached to nice shirts.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I should complete Cyber Shadow. I think I have one or two areas left. The Super Adventure Box has me logging back into Guild Wars 2 again on the daily which is always a pleasant experience. The daily ooze herder achievement is new to me so I’m having a good time with it. That world 203 one can really draw a few choice words out of me too!

Bonus: I wear a ton of old clothes still. Most likely my old high school athletics clothes would be the oldest that are also in the regular rotation. Although I do still wear my Jason Kidd co-rookie of the year t-shirt often and I think that’s from ’95. It’s so much cheaper than buying new ones! Plus it’s totally retro and vintage, right?

Tyler Edwards (blog): Pretty much continuing as I have. Magic: Legends, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and more D&D.

Bonus question: I have had the same toque since I was three, or possibly earlier. One size fits all!

Pierre, patron: Following up on last weekend schedule, I’m still enjoying my adventures in Outriders. But most of all, I played a lot of The Elder Scrolls Online last weekend and I’m glad to have found a MMO to go back to: my pause from MMOs is officially over, yeah! I even preordered the upcoming Blackwood chapter as Zenimax prepared a lot of new content and activities for the players and it promises to be very pleasant to go through. Consider me hyped. And… that’s all as it will be more than enough to occupy my weekend.

Bonus question: I think it’s a pair of leather gloves for the cold days of winter. I got them during my time in the military, a long long time ago, and they are so comfortable and resilient that I still use them every winter. And you MOP readers, what’s new on your side? Let us know in the comments

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