Valheim could be modded into a 1,000-player MMORPG


While Valheim seemed content to populate its online worlds with a bare handful of brave Vikings, some players are working on a mod that could turn the game into a proper MMORPG.

According to PC Gamer, there’s a project out there called VaLNGOS that is working to turn the 10-player worlds into realms that can hold up to 1,000 characters at a time. The modders assert that this can be done, saying, “By moving all server processing from player’s computers to the server and using specialized programming languages designed for writing operating systems, the team is positive that even player counts in the thousands could be managed.”

Meanwhile, the official team is busy overhauling the game’s terrain system to look and perform better with Update 0.150.3. “The new terrain modification system is made to reduce the number of network instances and make loading faster and smoother,” Iron Gate Studio said.

Source: PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun. Thanks Schlag!
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