Ex-Overwatch lead Jeff Kaplan posts fond farewell to Redditors


After briefly announcing his departure from Blizzard Entertainment earlier this week, Jeff Kaplan is making the rounds to say farewell to the fans who supported him and the Overwatch team during his tenure at the company.

The former game director dropped in at the Overwatch subreddits, saying, “The communities on r/overwatch and r/Competitiveoverwatch have meant so much to me. I just wanted to sign off one last time and thank you for all of your inspiration, shared stories and highlights, feedback, criticism and comradery […] You’re amazing and you made my career better. You made me a better designer and game director.”

Kaplan urged fans to “please take care of the Overwatch team [as] they are wonderful, caring, brilliant people and they need you right now.” Kaplan’s position was taken up by Aaron Keller, a World of Warcraft and Overwatch developer.

Keller promised Overwatch fans that they’d be hearing more about the sequel in the coming months. “Speaking of Overwatch 2, development is continuing at a good pace,” he said. “We have an exceptional vision we’re executing on, the reaction from many of you to the updates we shared at BlizzConline thrilled us, and we have exciting reveals planned for this year and beyond as we ramp to launch. We’ll be sharing more frequent updates about Overwatch 2 progress and new features in the live game with you all very soon.”

Source: Reddit
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