Warhammer Return of Reckoning adds new RvR healing potions and softens the double class restriction

As recounted by Krughiz DeCrusha

waugh? okay

So oi ‘eard yew soft piles o’ meat cryin’ about not bein’ able to have a satisfyin’ drink while out dere breakin’ faces in realm versus realm combat. Yew sad gits, yew are; time was, you’d drink da blood of yer enemies. But oi guess dose goons at Warhammer: Return of Reckoning ‘eard yer winghin’ and went on and added moar stuff fer yew ta chug. Wimps.

Specif’cly, dere’s new elixers wot restore lotsa health or AP, dependin’ on da kind ya get, an’ each o’ dese drinks cost either one Conqueror Medallion or three Oppressor Emblems cuz oi guess dey don’t take the ‘eads of yer fallen foes as currency. The update’s also made some balance changes and bug fixes to a couple’a classes, made it so’s RR70+ players can no longer drop Conqueror Medallions, an’ eased da restriction on double classes in ranked scenarios, lettin’ double classes in on da scrum if dey can’t finds no reg’lar bodies. Wotever dat means.

Awroight, das enough jawnin’. Now get out dere an’ BRING DA WAAAAAAGH!

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