SoulWorker has officially made its self-published global debut on Steam


Don’t call it a comeback, just call it coming back from obsolescence. Which is sort of the same thing? The point is that Korean developer Lion Games has officially taken over publishing duties for SoulWorker, bringing the free-to-play MMO back to Steam after Gameforge elected to shutter the game in the west, just as the studio said it would.

With this new Steam launch, players are being invited to take part in a variety of events that are giving away goods tickets, a celebration cake item, various item boxes when characters level up, and a costume box that can be opened every 24 hours to get limited costumes and one permanent costume ticket.

The launch didn’t go without its hiccups as is often the case with MMOs, with the devs wrangling server overloading issues and issuing a couple of hotfixes to correct problems with players not getting certain rewards. As for the current state of things, SoulWorker sits on a “Mixed” user review score, though most of the downvotes appear to be born of consternation with the game’s launch day server woes.

source: Steam (1, 2)

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Brinto Sfj

More than 90% of the positive review is just “It is not Gameforge! Yay!”… imagine what a horrible reputation Gameforge has… it is enough for people to play a generic game and love it simply because the game developers have distanced themselves from Gameforge!

Those who are thinking of play Swords of Legends should take note.

Kickstarter Donor

Just play on Reignited. It’s a million times better.