City of Titans shares travel power mechanics and video previews


You will believe a man can fly. At super high speeds. Holy crap, watch out for those trees, my dude. That’s some of the impressions I got when checking out City of Titans’ travel power preview, which showcased some of the work being done on superheroic locomotion and how the system will generally work.

All players will have four travel power slots that are separate from combat power slots, with the first travel power slot available at level one and additional power slots available as players level up. Travel powers will have their own form of progression, with a limited pool of points for each travel power that lets players unlock tiers or improve aspects of a power. In addition, the option to have multiple travel powers means they can be combined, such as super speed and acrobatics or super jump paired with swinging. What’s more, since travel powers are more about character concept, the devs at Missing Worlds Media can worry less about balancing.

As for those previews, there are three video showcases to take in. Care to watch a superhero tear across the sky, slam into the ground in a perfect superhero landing pose, and then climb on the wall shortly after? Then check out the embeds below.

source: official site, thanks to Nathan for the tip!
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