Allods Online adds the Suslanger zone, increases the level cap


We know that there are still some strong fans of Allods Online in our readership, and so we hope that it makes them happy to receive a huge content update from the long-running MMORPG. Update 12.0 landed this past week, bringing with it a level cap increase to 95, an overhaul of the artifact system, and a new zone called Suslanger.

“Suslanger is an ancient allod where Nezeb once began his journey, which led him to the building of the Empire,” the devs wrote. “Then for many years it became the backyard of Khadagan, where nothing happened, life went on as usual. The technological revolution that began in the Empire barely touched this place. Only recently did it change, with the opening of the Dune pioneer camp and the sanatorium, which became world-famous health resorts.”

With the desert zone comes a new storyline, faction, Storm event, and even a way for low-level characters to jump into the fun with their own activities.

Allods is also holding a Lucky Moment Marathon this weekend for MyGames’ anniversary.

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