SMITE community mourns the passing of a star Hi-Rez esports caster, halts league events


On Friday, Hi-Rez startled the SMITE community by abruptly postponing all of its esports events for the weekend, a move made more bizarre by the fact that the company wouldn’t say why. That had led to speculation about everything from a possible legal scandal to a bitcoin snafu. But I’m sorry to report today that the real reason is much worse: A member of the Hi-Rez team passed away.

Hi-Rez CEO Stewart Chisam announced to the community this morning that Hi-Rez esports staff caster John Finch passed away on Thursday. He was only 28. Chisam says that Finch was chosen as an “anchor member” of the Hi-Rez esports casting team thanks to his epic performance during the studio’s 2017 talent competition, and he’d consequently become a beloved member of the staff and community.

The company asks players to give Finch’s staff and family time and respect, noting that SMITE Pro League and SMITE Challenger Circuit matches for the rest of the week have also been postponed. “This is a huge loss for our esports family,” he says, promising some sort of future memorial as well. “We will communicate news at a later time as to when and how we will reboot the SPL season.”

Our sympathies extend to the Hi-Rez staff and community.

Source: Twitter
The memorial event is Wednesday:


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Bruno Brito

Hey Finch.

You were younger than me, and honestly, it’s a weird feeling, knowing you had a lot yet to go through in this world. But the universe gave you other roads to follow.

For each word, sentence, yell and expression that formed on your face and was voiced by you, was power, was the description of miracles happening in the battleground of the Gods. Rest in peace, man. You’ll meet Alli3d before us fans. So both of you, watch us all from the heavens.

For you now walk amongst gods, kings, heroes and legends.

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Loyal Patron

That was quite the elegant elegy. Well written!