Secret Worlds Legends’ player-run MEGAversary 4 radio show will pay tribute to HolloPoint


Yesterday saw the Secret World Legends community celebrate the game’s legacy with the start of the player-run MEGAversary 4 anniversary event, but the event was also marked by tragedy as beloved community leader HolloPoint passed away last week. In honor of him and the game, Quantum State Radio will once more be running its usual radio show for the event as scheduled, dedicating the broadcast to HolloPoint.

“There is no chance in the world that our favorite Scot would want a dreary boring ceremonial excuse of an event from us. Just look at what he had been planning for our community – if we dropped the ball now, we would never be forgiven. We are going to play music he loved, dance together, and throughout the show, DJ Malak and DJ Raygun will read any dedications you would like to send them.”

For those who want to take part in both the anniversary and the HolloPoint tribute broadcast, you can head to the Rooted Grove in Agartha this Saturday, June 26th, starting at 11:00 a.m. EDT. Those who wish to submit dedications can do so at either DJ Malak’s Twitter or the Quantum State Radio Twitter.

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