Lord of the Rings Online’s two new progression servers launch June 30


Not even two weeks ago, Standing Stone Games took the wraps off two new progression servers for Lord of the Rings Online, and as of this afternoon, we have a hard date for their launch: June 30th. The news came via a Tweet from the studio this afternoon.

As MOP readers already know, these two servers have very different rulesets, and their arrival will hopefully take the sting out of the loss of the Ithil server last week. The new Shadowfax progression server will essentially have accelerated leveling gains to zip players through the storyline, along with quicker progression unlocks, while the Treebeard server will slow your leveling waaaaaay dooooooown and make you fall asleep, just as you did in the theater during the Treebeard scenes in The Two Towers. You know you did it.

“Our intention is that [Shadowfax and Treebeard] will become permanent live servers,” SSG producer Oleg “Raninia” Brodskiy said during the studio’s livestream last week.

Source: Twitter

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Douglas Lawson
6 months ago

More gimmicks…

6 months ago

The server will have a difficulty slider. You talk to an npc and set it. Now, my primary complaint about their last legendary server was that is was mind numbingly easy and clearly targeted at the newer casual player and, oddly not the original Lotro players. Why was it called a legendary server then?! Ya, the server died, no kidding.

I’m still trying to find out if this is a global setting for just for instances. Individual settings doesn’t help much for making players want to group more, but seeing how I can’t play this game on default, it sounds like a big improvement overall. I’d be willing to try it simply knowing the world wasn’t a complete joke anymore. Sadly, the cash shop may still kill it for me.

6 months ago
Reply to  Tamanous

The new Senior Producer talked about this recently. The difficulty setting will be for mainly zones (open world) and solo instances. Group instances (dungeons) will be at their normal scaling. This is to prevent issues with groups where players have have different difficulty setting. I’m planning on a harder difficulty to make the open world questing more of a challenge. Eventually this new difficulty settings system will be rolled out to all the servers.

6 months ago

Treebeard seems more of my speed. :)