Swords of Legends Online’s NA server runs into some technical issues during launch


This past Friday saw Swords of Legends Online arrive to our side of the world, but as is the way of pretty much all MMORPG launches from here to forevermore, there were some technical snarl-ups that publisher Gameforge had to navigate, specifically for the NA server.

The problems were noted just after 10:30 a.m. EDT that morning, with players running in to false maintenance notifications, disconnects, and login problems. This prompted a round of emergency maintenance along with a patch with some voiceover updates, but the maintenance didn’t solve the issue, resulting in Gameforge having “a long call with Microsoft” to pin down the problem.

As of this moment, the game has had a second emergency maintenance this past Saturday, which appears to have solved the problem, though the devs stated shortly after the maintenance that they would continue to monitor things.

Otherwise, SOLO’s debut seems to be going reasonably well, as Steam user reviews have it sitting at “Mostly Positive” at the time of this writing. Many players are pointing out that the decision to have servers in Germany or the east coast of the US is causing massive lag problems for anyone wanting to play in certain regions like South America or Oceania, but overall players seem to be enjoying themselves, with one review likening the game to a combination of Genshin Impact and WoW.

sources: Twitter, Steam
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