Mobile MMO Moonlight Sculptor is adding new regions in today’s update


Are you ready for more areas to check out in the mobile MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor? If not, it’s time to brace yourself for the game’s patch today, which will be introducing some new regions to the game.

As one might expect with the arrival of new areas to an MMO, this new update will bring new quests in the form of main quests and region quests, along with new achievements, new tamable creatures, and the opportunity for players to earn Legendary Tier IV Archzan equipment. The update will also kick off two new events: the Master Sculptor event and the Precious Sculpture Bonanza event. Information on what this incoming update has to offer is a bit thin right now, but fuller patch notes are due later today.

MMO readers will recall that the game launched for mobile back in May; by its first update in June, it had already seen a million downloads.


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