Grand Chase returns from the dead to soar on Steam


Just about nobody remembers the demise of Grand Chase, a side-scrolling online RPG that shut down all the way back in 2015. But it appears that a whole new generation of players are digging the title now that it’s relaunched on Steam.

Developer and publisher KOG re-released the game yesterday, and so far, it’s done surprisingly well for itself. According to Steam Charts, Grand Chase topped 79,000 concurrent players in its first day, which isn’t bad for an MMO that originally launched back in 2003.

Curious what this game is about? According to the description, “Grand Chase is a side-scrolling online action RPG with anime inspired graphics. Anyone can join in on the action with arrow and Z keys with 20 unique and charming characters. There are various dungeons in a fantasy setting and online real-time PvP. Collect equipment and learn skills to enjoy jam-packed action in dungeons and PvP.”


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Zeke Lionhart

I just think you might be mistaken about the “new generation” of players :P
GC was a massive hit in Brazil, if I recall correctly, even moreso than in Korea. So huge that when KOG announced the game’s shut down, Level Up Games (GC’s Brazilian publisher) offered to buy the title so that this beloved game wouldn’t be over, then we had a local event called “Long Love the Chase” before the end, and after that we had numerous pirate servers.
As a Brazilian myself, what I’m seeing is the hype from those who loved the game already, among my friends, around the social medias, and also in the game itself. And honestly, it seems Brazilians are, I think, most of the players right now. All of the 10 SA servers were full on launch, but also the 2 NA and 6 Asian servers – which I joined and found more Brazilians than any other nationalities still.
I dunno, I don’t think GC got that many new players. To me it really seems like that’s the old generation, that then again, that just might be my own bias due to what I’m experiencing :P

Kickstarter Donor

A game being officially revived after 6 years of being shut down to good numbers for the kind of game it is, you love to see it.


too bad its in a worst state than when it died in terms of QoL and monetization