Dauntless adds in a random Escalation queue, new hairstyles, and a free hunt pass in latest update


Let’s say you’re firing up Dauntless and you want to jump into an Escalation, but you’re not really sure which one you want to play. Thanks to patch 1.7.2, you can let the game pick for you with the addition of Escalation Patrols, which will place you into a queue for a random level 1-13 or level 1-50 Escalation.

Speaking of Escalations, the new update also kicks off this week’s Heroic Escalation featuring the frigid Urska. There’s also some free new hairstyles immediately available to use at the Appearance menu, a free hunt pass featuring the return of the Desperado cosmetic set that can be unlocked after completing a quest, a new dye rumor to chase, and option to read patch notes in-game. The patch notes further detail some bug fixes, monster adjustments, and quality-of-life features that Slayers will probably care to read.


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