Aion gets cat scratch fever with a cat magician event and two cat transformations


Aion is apparently feline very catty with its latest events. From meow until Septempurr 1st, players can take part in an event that sees them grow a humble Cat Egg into a fully grown Grand Magister Cat by earning Catnip Stones and purrgress their egg through eight diffurent evolution levels. If you’re curious on how this all works, mew can read the above link for more. On top of the cat magician event, Aion is adding two new cat-styled transformations — a Doctor Cat and a Nurse Cat — between now and August 25th.

There’s more fur those who would rather not experience mewphoria as the MMORPG’s most recent patch has opened up a new zone and offered players the option to choose which transformation image is displayed on a character; it also brought forth some item adjustments and a few bug fixes. All of which is nice, but you’re kitten yourself if you’re going to ignore the cat-tacular events that Aion is otherwise offuring.

source: official site (1, 2, 3) and too much catnip

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