Book of Travels won’t ever make you the Chosen One


Do you ever get sick of being the Chosen One — the world-saving hero that the prophets foretold — in every MMORPG story you play? Do you wish that you could kind of, you know, just go on a journey, roleplay a bit, and create your own story?

If so, Book of Travels may offer you that quieter and more tailored experience. In a new video, the devs explained how players will forge their own tale from a string of encounters. Players, according to the devs, aren’t stereotypical heroes: “They’re more of the lower-end. They won’t be this high-flying dragon-born who leads the charge at the front.”

Book of Travels recently announced an indefinite delay following a string of scheduling setbacks.

Source: Twitter

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I thought that was probably the case. I don’t mind a good chosen one fantasy, but it doesn’t seem to fit the tone Book of Travels is taking.


Good. I miss that about games. Not everyone wants to be the savior of the world. I just want to adventure.


Yeah, for me that was what WoW did wrong. Switching from adventurers taking down local threats it just keeps upping the anti every expansion so now players have to kill death itself.

I miss reading random dialogs of lore on the old gods and fighting their minions, of searching down clues to titans in uldaman, trying to get into Uldum with friends in hopes of seeing a glimpse into something else because of the hole left there from something coming out.

Ah well, hope those people are having fun.