12-year-old Champions Online kicks off four-week anniversary celebration

Does it seem as if Champions Online has been around 12 years? Well, recenter your internal clock because yes, yes it most definitely has. Cryptic’s festivities include a historical tour from Top Ten, the return of Sapphire’s concert, a freebie anniversary pack, and your chance to save the cats.

“Happy Anniversary, Champions! It’s been twelve years since you began defending Millenium City from the ravages of alien threats, gangsters, ninjas, monsters and more, and it’s time to take a load off and celebrate! For the next four weeks, we’re celebrating more than a decade of Champions Online, and we want you to be a part of it. Week one is a celebration of the classic Anniversary Events, with tons of new rewards! Head to Millenium City, and get your celebration on!”

You didn’t read that wrong; Cryptic said four weeks. The first leg began this morning and runs through September 8th. Happy birthday, Champs.

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