Star Citizen’s August dev report notes progress on Pyro features, more vehicles, and a new mission type


September begins and August ends, which means that once more CIG has an end of month report for Star Citizen’s development as per usual. Peppered throughout the report is information about Pyro developments; the narrative team is working on narrative content for the system, the AI team is working on a mobile vendor that players can buy from and sell to, and the animation team is working on animations for vendors of illegal goods, food, drink, and other items.

The ships section of the report is similarly busy, with progress on both the MISC Hull A and Hull C, further progress on the MISC Starfarer’s refueling functions, updates to the Vulture’s interior, and a final art pass for the Crusader A2 Ares, Crusader Hercules, and the Aegis Redeemer. This section of the report also notes no less than four new unannounced vehicles moving through various stages of the development pipeline.

Finally, the gameplay features section notes work on additional dynamic events such as Jumptown 2.0, while the narrative section also makes mention of preliminary work being done for a new mission type. There is also work being done to add additional text for new missions, dynamic events, and the in-game IAE 2951 showcase event.

Longtime MMORPG gamers will know that Star Citizen was originally Kickstarted for over $2M back in 2012 with a planned launch for 2014. As of 2021, it still lingers in an incomplete but playable alpha, having raised around $350M from gamers over years of continuing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is currently the highest-crowdfunded video game ever and has endured both indefatigable loyalty from advocates and immense skepticism from critics. A co-developed single-player title, Squadron 42, has also been repeatedly delayed.

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too bad this is pay to win :(
at least the single player won’t be.
is the squadron 42 thing playable with friends or really only solo?

Matthew Yetter

So… They started their Kickstarter 9 years ago. Had the most successful crowdfunding in the history of MMO’s. They’ve raised over $300 million dollars to date. And they STILL haven’t actually launched either the MMO or Squadron 42.

Why is anyone still giving money to these clowns?

Ardra Diva



As one poet said, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast” ;-) People still want to support the developer who may hopefully one day complete it the way it was promised, especially since there is a lack of games of this scope and genre in MMORPG world, regardless of how long it takes to do so. Plus there are people who are just curious to experience the current state of the game and have plenty of disposable income to do so. Personally I am neither of those, but if others want to spend their own money on that – they are always free to do so and there is nothing strange in doing that.

Joe Blobers

So… Publishers are doing individually several Billions $ per year since decades and can deliver in 2021 nothing but copy/paste of the same games or remaster ?

Those Publishers did spent hundreds M$ over years to create their company, hired thousands to create soulless games that cost more than SC starter package…

CIG in less time did started from scratch, build their company, created their own pipelines to deliver an Alpha packing more features than any released single AAA… all for 45/35$ as there is no subscription. Also assets can be purchased with in game Credits.

Suddenly, while taking facts and numbers, the clowns are not the one some do expect to be :)

Nosy Gamer

I think you need a new talking point. Over the last 9 years, CIG has raised $383 million in game packages & ship sales, $63.5 million in outside investor funding, $18 million in subscriptions (thru 2019), and $38 million in other funding (thru 2019). That’s over $500 million that we can document. And from what I hear, Squadron 42 might come out sometime in 2023 and Star Citizen might enter beta in 2025.

At this point, Star Citizen will be the most expensive video game ever produced. And by a wide margin. Not only is CIG spending more money on its games than the big studios, but at least the big studios are actually releasing games.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Well let’s not forget his key point. Those games for the last 20 years ate nothing but copy/paste. A completely disingenuous (and flat out incorrect) data point. But there’s a reason it’s called fanaticism.

Joe Blobers

A flat out correct data point. Beside reskin of previous games, adding or modifying maps, no new gameplay able to change original game scope… same regurgitated old AAA’s with more big explosion.

That is fine but does not deserve to pay 60$ or more with DLC’s, micro-transaction or “ultimate” version for only 100$.

Far Cry 6 for instance is basically Far Cry 5 with pets, which is nice but nothing to write home about. As per one of the Ubi dev, the main feature of FC6 is… to be able to holster your gun. A true revolution.

Rejoice, SC do have rules based on area location. Armitice zone does not allow to use gun. They also have option to Carry or Stow guns (on your back). They don’t even pretend it is a major feature… dynamic weather on a planet side, female skeleton, multiple physical grids, FOIP, city planet size to scratch the surface are.

True ambition toward gaming community vs Publishers ambition: shareholders quarterly profit vs anything else.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Nope. Still incorrect, Joey. Absolutely there are iterations in sequels, and of course Blizzard’s remasters. However, the number of games out there that offer much more than that vastly outnumber the so called “copy/paste” jobs. Thus far, according to what you consider copy/paste for those games, CIG is doing nothing but the same. There’s nothing original that can’t be found in hundreds of games released over the last 20 years. They have simply copied them, overcomplicated the scripting to iterate on them and gave them a makeover.

Nosy Gamer

Wait, so you are claiming that features that have been in games I’ve played or am currently playing are new and innovative? Things like…

— Ability to sheathe weapons on your back
— Dynamic weather
— Male and female character models
— Multiple grids
— FOIP (introduced by EQ2)

… are new? At least you didn’t mention the new feature coming in 3.15 in which you will have inventory on your person as new and innovative.

Joe Blobers

No that’s not what I said. I never said New or Never seen elsewhere.

Simple answer: new backers are joining (3.15 will bring more and so on) because Alpha do pack more features than any single released AAA game.

Name the games which have the 5 listed features, not even counting city-size planet and others features + gameplay in 3.14.

By end of next year, SC will have even more than what we have today, 3 new gameplay just by end of this year… and you will still struggle to give a couple name for the 5 pointed features packed in a single game.
The gap is increasing every single quarter and this is definitively good for the gaming community as a whole. Including those not playing space game.

Joe Blobers

You are right. CIG is spending more than big studios this is why Alpha do pack more features in 3.14 than any single released AAA.
Every $ is going in development not in hundred M$ marketing campaign or in juicy profit sharing plan.
Now take the next 6 quarters (3 not yet on roadmap) till end of next year and you realize the gap is increasing at each quarters. Meanwhile Publishers plan to deliver remaster and copy/paste.

Also those Publishers DID spend hundreds millions $ over year to become what they are. CIG is not different. At end of kickstarter they had zero studios, no pipelines, a generic game engine and 12 guys, not all devs.
They had to spend time, effort and money to reach 500 devs, while developing game engine, pipelines to be the ambitious project people do back, something no Publishers care to deliver.

Also true: Publishers do release games… So what? no one should pledge to SC because Publishers do release generic AAA’s every year?

CIG do offer several of free weeks per year so everyone can test/play the latest build. There is a reason why new backers are joining and one of the reason is precisely because of the games released by Publishers… or if you prefer, those not released by Publishers.
Two good reason to back SC, assuming you do support kickstarter or alpha, which is not for everyone.

Jim Bergevin Jr

“Alpha do pack more features in 3.14 than any single released AAA.”
Flat out BS. SC is nothing more than a tech demo, with complete lack of content to match. I played dozens of actual Alphas over the last 15 years that were more complete in 2-3 years of development than CIG has come close to achieving.

And I’ve already called BS on your “build studio from scratch” BS months ago. Dozens upon dozens of studios managed to start from nothing, and release fully fledged games in less time for less money that have become bona-fide hits and hailed as great examples of gaming development.

Chris Roberts has proven to be an incapable leader and manager, and not only has SC suffered because of it, but it has only added to the pile of being detrimental to crowdfunding to boot. So long as he is in charge, SC will never be the great game the starry eyed dreamers desperately hope it will be. Apologists such as yourself only serve to make the situation worse and are true detriments to game development.

Joe Blobers

At least you show your true face: a quite standard CR hater repeating the same cartoon-like mantra.

Fine. Keep going while on average 30.000 backers do play SC, 100.000 during free event.

Next :”Dozens upon dozens of studios managed to start from nothing…”
Sure… but please do share with us the names of those games we can play, with all SC Alpha features and why not (because there are all more competent than CR) a finish product with all remaining SC features and gameplay.
I’ll promise I and the other million individual backers of SC will buy it in seconds :)


Will have spent over $450 million by the end of this year.

Joe Blobers

That is factually false and keep ignoring Publishers had to spend hundreds millions $ over years to hire, create pipelines or game engine… exactly what CIG had to do because starting from scratch.

Publishers despite making billions $ each single year, do deliver copy/paste of the same games and now remaster of all kind.
What have done CIG is just awesome in comparison.
+380M$ in 8 years vs Publishers making more than 100 Billions $ in the same time…
Who are the one caring about gamer? We now the answer :)

Tee Parsley

Four New Ships! You know what that means…..