Starbase previews moon base building and moon mining features in a video


Care to build your own Moon Zero Two? Eventually you’ll be able to in Starbase, though it will most likely be more utilitarian and less a location for go-go dancers and soft heist caper intrigue, as outlined in a recent preview video from the devs.

The video focuses on the moons that orbit Eos, each with their own unique atmospheres, gravity, and material makeup. Players are free to mine these moons as they see fit, either with pickaxes, explosives, or lasers, and can even find veins of ore hidden beneath the surface.

For those who are looking to do some long-term mining, a base will need to be constructed. Doing so is similar to space station construction, with a base foundation as the first piece that needs to be laid, then crafting benches must be assembled. After that, it’s more of the details-oriented construction that Starbase is pretty well known for. The entire process is outlined in the video below.

source: YouTube
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