Revelation Online’s Demonic War update shifts to an October release window


Wait, didn’t we hear about the Demonic War update for Revelation Online before? Yes, yes we did; back in May 2021, when the update was eyeballing a summer release date. Now that we’re past the summer months, it’s pretty obvious that the update didn’t arrive, but that’s because it’s now looking at an October 2021 launch.

Many of the features of the update are still similar, including the 10-player City of the Demon Gods raid and cosmetics that let players change their skill effects, but the update will also be introducing a 30-player Elemental Guild Raid instance and a capture the flag PvP mode to Ausgyth. There still isn’t any calendar date for this update’s launch, so things could very possibly change once more, but there may be something to look forward to this October.


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