Neverwinter brings back the Harvester of Nightmares to consoles and offers a balance patch to Wizards


You might think that someone called the Harvester of Nightmares might actually be a halfway decent guy in Neverwinter. Ominous name, sure, but maybe he harvest nightmares from people who are just having a bad dream. But no, it turns out that he’s more like the causer of nightmares which he will subsequently harvest, and that means console players will need to sigh, strap on their class-appropriate weapons of choice, and go take on the nightmare challenges in the event running from September 23rd until October 14th. That’s just on console, though, so be aware of that ahead of time.

If you’re not on console, you can enjoy the latest patch added to the game, which adds in a number of balance changes for Wizard players that generally seem to make the class more powerful across the board with faster spellcasts, more reliable procs, and a few ability changes. Check out the full set of patch notes on the official site.

Source: Official site (1, 2)

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Damon Anderson

Thanks for the heads up, now I have further incentive to level up.