Pathfinder Online disables all purchasing prior to its closure


Sometimes an MMO shutdown happens faster than you can blink, and sometimes a sunset is a drawn-out affair. Pathfinder Online is taking the latter approach as it arrives in its final month of operation, with more story content patched in even as the November 28th end date looms.

As part of the closure housekeeping, the studio just announced that it’s turned off the ability to pay subscription or buy from the in-game store.

“Now that we’re in our final month before Pathfinder Online shuts down on November 28, we’ve turned off all purchases on the web and in the game,” Paizo said. “Any characters that are already active will remain active right up to the end without using up any more game months. Inactive characters can still be activated with existing game months, or with game months obtained by converting existing Azoth in-game.”

Pathfinder Online was Kickstarted back in 2012 and never officially launched, although it went into “open enrollment” back in 2020. Back in July, the studio admitted that the servers “are getting quite old” and that there was no guarantee that they would make it to the November 28th sunset date anyway.

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