Sea of Thieves adds fireworks and flares, the ability to bury treasure, and scurrying rats on December 2


They don’t eat, don’t sleep, and they apparently don’t tolerate when a ship is getting flooded. They’re rats, and they’re one of the features arriving to Season 5 of Sea of Thieves on Thursday, December 2nd. Also, they can be turned off if you’re musophobic.

Obviously there’s more to the new season than just that. Players can now bury a treasure chest on an island themselves. Doing so will automatically generate a treasure map of the hidden loot, which can then be followed to unearth later or posted on a new quest board for others to find; players who find the booty will get the goods, while the player who posted the map gets a hefty renown reward and the reputation they would have otherwise earned for cashing in the chest. In addition, cannons can now be loaded with fireworks or flares, the latter of which can help light up an island or signal to crewmates that trouble is near.

The update also features a vast array of quality-of-life features: Players will be able to sit in chairs and sleep in beds, turn the speaking trumpet around so players can whisper privately to one another in voice chat, find rowboats with cannons strapped to the bow, and get ammo pouches from gun-toting skeletons when they’re killed.

There will also be new rewards to earn from the SOT battle pass, new visual markers for dropped loot from Meg and the Kraken, faster transferring of items to supply crates, and the aforementioned rats that run from the lower decks if they’re being flooded. All of the goodies are outlined in the video below.

source: YouTube

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