Gamigo just abruptly sunsetted its brand-new MOBA Skydome


If you’re currently wondering what Skydome is, well, that was part of the problem. Skydome was a multiplayer 4v4 MOBA hybrid from Brazil’s Kinship Entertainment that Gamigo launched into early access this past summer as one of its several planned pipeline titles for 2021. The founder pack was $30, though we’re guessing most folks took the free-to-play option.

In any case, the game has just vanished from Steam and from Glyph, without any message or notice from Gamigo on the game’s Twitter, Reddit, or forums. According to players on Discord, the company sent an email to players yesterday telling them that the game was sunsetting today and directing them to apply for refunds on Steam and Gamigo support, depending on whether their purchases were made on Steam or through Glyph. Apparently, players will have the option to receive a full refund or the equivalent plus 20% in credits for one of the other Glyph games, a list that’s now dwindled to three: Trove, RIFT, and Atlas Rogues.

It’s not entirely a surprise, we’ll note, as the game saw an all-time concurrency peak of only 226 players on Steam, though of course we have no hard numbers on how many might have played through Glyph. Gamigo’s parent company, MGI, also admitted in its Q3 2021 investor report that both Skydome and Atlas Rogues both “did not meet expectations and will not be pursued further,” though we’d assumed they’d be maintenance moded, not abruptly closed. Maybe don’t count on much from Atlas Rogues in the near future either.

Gamigo has already been in the headlines over the last month as it just recently lost the license for ArcheAge, is working on an unnamed demon-themed MMO, and has promised future content for RIFT.

As always, our sympathies extend to the staff and players affected by the decision.

Source: Steam, Discord. With thanks to Anon.
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