Trove’s New Year’s event, Renewus, is live as of today

MMORPGs do not get enough New Year events in my estimation, but Gamigo’s Trove is making one happen. It’s called Renewus, and it’s on right now, complete with the Renewus invasion that basically drops soccer balls for impromptu soccer matches. Look, I didn’t say this was going to make any sense. Just go with it.

“Beginning today through January 18th, Trovians can enjoy our Neon After Party-themed event that is filled with new quests, costumes and allies while also partaking in some returning activities. In Trove‚Äôs Renewus 2022 event, Trovians can participate in a new 7-step quest chain provided by Qubesly, who has been partying nonstop… as usual! Completing his quest will reward players with the new Renewus Rhapsody magrider, which is guaranteed* to get any party started with its floating speakers, keyboard, and DJ deck. *Guarantee is only applicable in the world of Trove as long as your friends are willing to get the party started. Once all parties agree it is, in fact, time to get the party started, the Renewus Rhapsody magrider will greatly assist in this task.”

Clearly, it’s on you to get that party started, fam. You’ll also need to make sure you’ve finished the basic Qubeslick’s adventure quest line, at which point you can start in on the Renewus quests in your adventure window. Have fun!

Source: Press release, official site, forums
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