The Daily Grind: Who told the biggest MMO-related fib of 2021?


I would really like to hear about people other than Bobby Kotick because he’s the obvious answer in my book.

Since July, we listened to that guy fib about everything from the health of the Blizzard pipeline to who was actually writing the monstrously awful press statements in the wake of the initial California sexism lawsuit. Then we had to listen to him fib about how much he cared about the company and its culture and how hard he was working to fix it while refusing any accountability for what he personally had done. There were many fibs told this year in the multiplayer online industry, but he takes the cake.

No, I mean he’d literally take your cake if he saw it sitting around, so definitely don’t do that. For some people, nothing counts but more.

Who do you think told the biggest MMO-related fib of 2021?

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