Broken Ranks outlines monetization model ahead of January 25 launch


Now that we know the turn-based tactical MMO Broken Ranks is headed for a January 25th launch, one question can often spring to potential players’ minds: What is the game’s monetization scheme? While developer Whitemoon Games previously promised to avoid pay-to-win, the studio has laid its monetization out on the table with a pair of dev blogs.

The first post discusses platinum, the game’s premium currency. As usual, this is bought with real money, but it can also be gained by reaching certain levels, as an event reward, or via trading among players, whether its trading gold, items, or no cost whatsoever.

As for what platinum can be spent on, cash shop items will include a number of expected things like gear dyes, various avatar changes, pet skins, respecs, or expansions to friend lists and bank storage. Platinum can also be used to buy gear skins, pets, restorative elixirs, or inhibitors needed to upgrade gear or repair dropped items (items otherwise don’t need to be repaired). Many of these gear upgrade items and elixirs can be gained by other means including crafting, looting, or player trading, while things like gear skins and pets can also be gained from events.

source: official site (1, 2)
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