Diablo II Resurrected’s game-changing Patch 2.4 hits the test server on January 25


It does seem a little surreal that Diablo II has returned to such prominence and favor in Blizzard while Diablo III sits neglected and abandoned for a much older version of the game. Of course, this is the revamped Diablo II: Resurrected we’re talking about, so what’s old became new again, and so on. And Diablo II is about to evolve further than it ever had in the past thanks to Patch 2.4, which will be a game-changer in many ways.

Blizzard announced that the patch — which will start ranked ladder play, revamp the mercenary system, add new rune words, and make sweeping balance changes to all of the classes — will start testing on the PTR on January 25th.

“It has been more than eleven years since we’ve made changes like this to the game! So, when we started making balance adjustments, we wanted to focus on expanding more skill build variety and adding more viable possibilities with playing each class,” the studio said.

Source: Diablo II
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