Epic Games says it’s not establishing ‘Europe’s largest esports center’ in Norway

Here we go.

We’ve updated the title and the end of this article as Epic says the Norwegian source article is in error and that it is not in fact devoting money to this project.

Where is all of that Fortnite money going? Among other things, it’s heading to Andenes in Andøya, Norway, where the games developer and publisher is seeking to establish what is being called “Europe’s largest esports center.”

According to Google translations, this new Andøya esports center plans to be a place where budding pro gamers can train to become international competitors, as well as learn film and graphics creation disciplines. Naturally, the center also plans to be host to international esports events, but the news report outlines additional aspirations for the center including using it as a place for budding game devs to learn to use Unreal Engine or a center for using VR-powered training programs.

Epic and design firm Myreze are hoping to secure 5M NOK (over $500K USD) by February 1st to get the project off the ground, but the mayor of Andøy, Knut A. Nordmo, appears to have some doubts. “There are people who have moved here, and who have thoughts, ideas and ambitions that I think are exciting. We are of course in talks with them, but at the moment the project is a bit too premature for me to say so much more about the case,” Nordmo is quoted as saying.

source: NRK, thanks to Pål for the tip!
A representative for Epic Games tells us that the original Norwegian article describing Epic’s plans is in error. “During a recent event, a representative from Epic Games discussed the interest for Epic and Myreze to collaborate on a local Unreal Engine training center in Nordland, Norway,” the representative explained. “Separately, Myreze expressed that they may also explore the possibility of developing an esports center, independent of Epic Games. As you can see, there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding.” Indeed! And for once, it’s not even Google Translate’s fault.
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