VR MMO Zenith addresses launch bugs and server issues, lands in Steam’s top sellers list

Weedle whee.

With RamenVR’s virtual reality MMO Zenith officially a launched VR game, the devs have been working on keeping pace with bugs and server populations. One of the latest updates has fixed some bugs and has also removed shard locking for the game, while a post on Steam at the game’s launch discussed server issues caused by cloud server API issues and promised to continue to address the issue.

The game’s release overall appears to be otherwise going reasonably well, with numbers from Steam specifically showing a little over 4,000 players at the game’s highest peak and a spot on Steam’s top sellers list a day after launch. Over the weekend, Zenith broke into the top 10 on Steam’s top sellers and nearly 3000 concurrent last night – and that’s without an actual PC launch.

Steam user reviews are also generally effusive, with many players getting drawn in to the interactivity of VR and social aspects of the MMO while others decry low resolution and limited graphical grunt. Our favorite review comes from user CosmicMaik: “For 30 minutes I witnessed my friend running away from a stranger [who] tried to force feed him noodles. 10/10.”

Ramen VR seemed pleased as punch about its success, promising a roadmap this coming week. Let’s hope a timeline for PC is on it!

“During launch day — Zenith topped the charts of every single platform we launched on — beating out games like God of War, Elden Ring, and Monster Hunter World on Steam. We are the most played paid VR game according to VRLFG, and have been for the last 3 days (only RecRoom sits above us). Wow. Just Wow. The outpouring of support has been incredible from our community — from those of you who experienced total immersion while watching the sunrise with a new friend, to the power gamers that continue to surprise us with the speed it takes them to reach endgame. Zenith is already a huge world but we’re just getting started. Trust me, it is only going to get exponentially better over the course of the next year. We’ll be releasing a partial roadmap next week. I hope you’ll join us in The Last City soon.”

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