Star Wars Galaxies’ Restoration III rogue server preps Mustafar and Death Star II


Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III, a hybrid CU/NGE rogue server that launched back in May 2021, gave a triumphant wrap-up of the previous year while laying out the roadmap for what’s to come in 2022 – and far beyond.

The devs reported that over 5,000 unique accounts were created in the server’s first month, increasing to 11,421 by the year’s end. Currently, the game hosts 90 guilds and 43 player cities. (A stock SWG server can play host to around 260 cities of varying sizes.)

The devs also laid out an undated three-phase roadmap to give players an idea of what’s coming sooner and what’s coming later. On deck is the planet of Mustafar from the Trials of Obi-Wan expansion, the secret Jedi unlock process, and a new species. A little further out is a refresh to the Galactic Civil War, while much further away is the addition of world bosses, the Death Star II, and capital ships.

“If you’re an active player, you know we’ve got more bugs to work through before we’re ready to release our long-awaited 1.0, but we’re pleased to share progress is moving quickly and we will have more announcements coming soon,” the devs said.

Source: SWG Restoration III, press release
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