Closers makes adjustments to Cubes and the Chip system in latest update


While Cubes and Chips might sound like an excellent retro-style new wave band name, what they are in the context of the action MMO Closers are upgrade systems that help empower characters, and those systems are getting some self-described “amazing renewals” in the game’s most recent update.[AL:Clo]

This patch adds a new Awakening Cube for level 19 characters that changes the visual effect and performance of a skill that it’s equipped to and can be earned randomly through Cube Conversion. In addition, Option Cubes are now dropping their five different grades and will now only apply superior-level stat boosts. There’s also a separate Cube inventory and the ability to convert unwanted Cubes.

As for Chips, the update increases the number of weekly Chips players can earn to a total of 11, removes the daily craft limit for T1 and color Chips, and adds a new crafting recipe, all in the hopes of reducing the need for farming. Chip overclocking has also been adjusted, and Chip Transmitters bought from the cash shop are now discounted for the rest of the year.

On top of these renewals, the latest patch brings UX improvements for the vending machine, adds new shop preview features, and starts a treasure hunt event. The infographic/patch notes outline all of the details. And hey, if anyone is forming Cubes and Chips, let me know; I’m a pretty good drummer.

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