Neople’s ‘parallel universe’ Dungeon & Fighter MMO changes project names, shifts to console-only focus

(Project) BBQ season is over, apparently


Allow us to recap this one because the development of this particular Nexon and Neople project has been going on for a while: Back in 2019, we first reported on a developing MMO that was given the working title of Project BBQ, a 3-D action combat game from the Dungeon & Fighter IP. Information on this new game was pretty sparse until 2020, when developer Neople shared some new details during a series press event that explained the game’s “parallel universe” story and showcased more combat previews.

That brings us to now, and to the latest news from Neople’s recruitment website, which shares a new working title for the game – Project AK – as well as a move to console exclusivity. An automatic translation of the project’s description calls the game a “console platform Souls-like stylish action RPG,” while job listings seek game client programmers, level designers, and a number of graphics and art positions.

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