Allods Online grants players a preview of a new region coming in the Gates of Worlds update


When you call your update Gates of Worlds, you kind of expect to travel to different and new places, ostensibly by walking through gates. Sure enough, the upcoming Allods Online update does have such a new world, and you get there via a gate. So far, so on the nose.

This new world is known as Eden, the planet of life and fiefdom of the All-Mother where plants are sentient and growth and decay spin in an accelerated cycle powered by Ambrosia. As one might expect, Eden is packed with dense forests that each spawn from a central tree, which is protected by plant beings known simply as Children. In addition to these fervent defenders, players will also hunt Hirkalla the goddess of death itself.

Eden will feature some new conflict between the Children and an Expedition faction that is harvesting Ambrosia, with each side offering daily quests and factional PvP that grant their own themed rewards. Players can also collect Eden Ambrosia from random sources or quest rewards in order to get new goodies for themselves. In addition, players can expect Eden to be slightly altered as the season progresses, with the promise of new activities to come. For the time being, interested players can get a peek at the greenery.

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