Last Oasis emerges with plans for better mob AI and more creature types

Oh, look, we found another one.

When we wrote our “Whatever happened to Last Oasis?” piece last December, the conclusion was that this post-apocalyptic survival title was winding down in both population and updates. However, it may not be all over for Last Oasis, as the studio emerged this month to talk about some exciting updates coming to the game.

The big focal point for future development is the addition of several new creature types as well as an overhaul of the AI tech to patch up a big hole in the game. “With this system in place, a lot of our current and future work is made much more efficient, and involves less developers working on the same feature, also allowing designers to change mob attributes easily, add behaviors, and more,” the team explained.

The team went on to say that interacting and hunting creatures that display more dynamic behaviors will be a big part of the future experience. There are even going to be “battle mobs” that will come with their own mechanical rigs and present a much tougher fight when encountered.

A couple of new creature types were shown: the frog-like Papak and the elephantish Koa.

Source: Steam
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