Black Desert opens up another public testing of its matchmade Arena of Solare PvP activity


The Global Lab (aka PTS) of Black Desert is once again open to players as the devs are starting another test of the Arena of Solare, the MMORPG’s upcoming matchmade PvP feature that pits two teams of three against one another in a stat normalized best-of-five scrap.

Testing will run this weekend, starting today, April 29th, until Sunday, May 1st, with battles in the arena opening at certain hours over the course of the three day-long test. Players who join in will be granted a level 60 character to get into the arena, and those who play at least three rounds and submit their feedback will be given some free enhancement items for their account.

This round of testing has some pretty specific timing and instructions, so interested arena battlers will want to read through for all of the relevant details.

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