ArcheAge’s auction house is offline until Thursday for the big merge

Please stay.

If you’re an auctioneer type of player in Kakao’s ArcheAge, you’re in a bit of limbo right now. That’s because the studio has taken the whole shebang offline, at least for new uploads, until the next maintenance, for a proper merge.

“Our mission for ArcheAge is to help bring new and old players together and ensure that everyone has a great experience as an adventurer in the realm of Erenor,” Kakao says. “This is why, after many requests and a lot of feedback from different player factions, we will be merging Auction House and Instances for Evo and Fresh Servers.”

“For this, we will need to temporarily close the Auction House on all servers from the 7th of June starting at 7:00 UTC until the end of the next maintenance. Any auction that is still active beyond this point in time will run its natural course, but no new ones can be added. We will also finally open all content on all Fresh Start Servers during the upcoming maintenance.”

The newly merged auction house should be rolled out on June 9th after maintenance is complete, so start your countdowns now.

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