Mythic is a retro-styled MMORPG that promises ‘an infinite procedurally generated labyrinth’ to delve


The roguelike sub-genre sure does seem to draw in lots of indie MMORPG devs, as we have another of this kind of game to cast a spotlight upon. It’s called Mythic, and it’s promising players “an infinite, procedurally generated labyrinth” roguelite MMO full of “puzzles, enemies, bosses, and treasure,” all done up in a retro 16-bit style.

Mythic comes from the two-person team of Abyssal Studios LLC., and it’s offering up a massively multiplayer dungeon delving experience where players can follow five different skill trees based on the elements, snatch up over 70 different items to loot, and either play solo, party with friends, or group up with complete strangers. Though Mythic’s labyrinth is infinite, there are additional rewards for those who explore as far as possible, with rare treasures to find for those who can chart new territory and unique equipment for those who score high in minigames.

Mythic is eyeing an early access release this summer but can be demoed as part of Steam Next Fest. Early access is expected to take about a year, adding more biomes, skill trees, bosses, and monsters, as well as minigames and pets.

source: Steam
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