Project Gorgon promises ‘super buffs’ if it hits a total of 1,000 active VIP subscribers by the end of July


It would appear that Project Gorgon would really like to see more VIP subscribers, and it’s willing to offer a little incentive for everyone to make it happen: The devs of the MMORPG have issued the 1,000 VIP Challenge, which will offer a special 48-hour session of “super buffs” that ramp up XP earnings, training discounts, and foraging bonuses for everyone if it can hit 1,000 active VIP memberships before the end of July.

The announcement points out that VIP subscriptions are part of the Steam Summer Sale, though we do note that discount only applies to a 12-month membership; other subscription plans will be at full tort. Still, 1,000 memberships doesn’t appear to be a distant target according to the post. “As of this posting, we are already at 880 active VIP accounts, so reaching 1000 is not a far stretch,” it confirms.

It’s worth pointing out that Project Gorgon hasn’t officially launched yet and is still in early access, though it only began offering subscriptions in an update in May 2021, when the game moved from prototype to production. The devs have also gone on record to state that they’re hoping to get enough money to hire more devs and release it, as one of the key devs is fighting a rare form of cancer, so this new incentive may be a way to achieve those goals.

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