Tencent’s teased UE5 MMORPG is codenamed To Jin Yong, a Wuxia open world headed for global release


Last week, Tencent was gearing up to unveil a new MMORPG, teasing that it would simply be an open-world title and built on Unreal Engine 5, and that more would be unveiled during the publisher’s Spark 2022 event. That reveal has since happened, and we now have an initial look and early details.

The game is tentatively being codenamed To Jin Yong, as the game is reportedly an adaptation of the martial arts novels by the same author. Information on this game is still a bit sparse, but the announcement video shows off what looks like some initial combat gameplay that’s full of Wuxia fantasy acrobatics, while the video’s blurb states that the game is planning a global release in the future.

More details are likely going to trickle forth in the coming months, but for now we can at least all get a glimpse at what’s being planned in the video below.

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