Capcom proudly heralds big global sales numbers for Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak expansion


People like expansions; they stir up existing players and can very often bring new ones into the fold. That’s certainly being experienced by Capcom, which proudly announced in a press release that Monster Hunter Rise and its recently released expansion Sunbreak have hit new high sales figures.

Rise has altogether shipped 10 million units worldwide since its first release in March 2021, while Sunbreak has sold 2 million units globally to date. These numbers aren’t broken down by platform, but the announcement does tally together sales for both Nintendo Switch and Steam. For comparison, the series’ previous title, Monster Hunter World, had celebrated 14M global units in October 2019, while its Iceborne expansion saw 2.8M copies sold.

The announcement additionally talks up plans for free updates to Sunbreak, which will include more new monsters to hunt, at least one new area in the form of the Forlorn Arena, and recently announced features that will let players adjust the game’s difficulty and research anomalies. The first of these free updates is scheduled for sometime in August, while later content patches are planned for the fall and winter seasons.

sources: press release, official site, Twitter
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