Black Desert sends players on a hunt for a lost paradise


A rather chunky patch landed in Black Desert this week, kicking off an adventure to investigate and discover a lost “paradise of winds.” Players who successfully navigate the new questline can earn a young dragon statue and the “Unforgettable” title.

The July 13th patch also expanded the inventories of special barters, improved walking animations, and made a ton of changes to various classes. The Maehwa’s Red Blade ablity is now easier to use, the Archer and Sage got a PvP damage buff, and the Corsair got a new skill called Tide-splitter Patraca.

“This skill was designed to be used when she is in need of a quick defense, so it has the effect ‘Invincible at the start of the skill.’ It can then be comboed into Ocean Melancholy immediately after for additional protection,” the studio said.

A day later, the studio announced that it was reverting a new color feature in the Node and Conquest wars, saying that it has a much better system on the way.

Source: Black Desert
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