Whatever happened to Revelation Online?


We’re continuing to flip through our backlog of MMORPGs, and our fingers have fallen upon Revelation Online, the NetEase developed MMORPG that came to our neck of the woods back in 2017. As a refresher, the game’s last major content update was in October of last year, while the game’s last social media posting on Twitter was for a wintertime event; it’s otherwise had the dubious honor of being part of a list about MMORPGs we’ve already forgotten about.

A quick check of the RO website doesn’t provide any sunnier news: Announcements for the game are solely focused on sales, maintenance notices are still ongoing weekly but haven’t provided any patch notes since December, and the very first banner on the game’s home page is directing players to an entirely different game – a self-described “treasure hunting royale” game called Project D1, which is seeking alpha testers.

Basically, it looks like RO is in full-on, literal maintenance mode.

sources: Twitter, official site (1, 2)
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