Conan Exiles breaks down tweaks to followers arriving with Age of Sorcery


Players who don’t have real-life friends to play with in Conan Exiles at least have followers that can join them, and when the Age of Sorcery update lands, it will bring with it a variety of adjustments to the way that system works.

The intention of this update is to make followers a choice rather than a necessity, which means that followers’ base line damage and health pools will be lower than they are now. That said, players will be given the option to ramp up their followers’ stats, primarily through improving the new Authority attribute and unlocking its perks.

On top of regular ol’ human followers, the more sorcerous player will be able to make spooky new friends by calling forth demon followers or special mounts through a Circle of Power, or by bringing a corpse to a Shallow Grave to reanimate it for a limited (and probably odorous) time. For those who like having AI friends tag along, there are a lot of changes on the horizon when the Age of Sorcery update arrives sometime in the third quarter. In the meantime, you can go test it on the test server.

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