Conan Exiles announces Age of Sorcery, replacing DLC with battle passes


Thanks to teases and leaks, we already had a pretty clear idea what was coming to Conan Exiles later this year, but as of today, Funcom has made it official: The release is called Age of Sorcery, and it’s launching in Q3 of 2022 as not just one update but the first update of presumably many under a new cadence, theme, and even monetization layout.

“Ages are a new way for Conan Exiles to expand its world and experience,” Funcom writes. “Including the Age of Sorcery, each following Age will continue to have its own theme, free gameplay updates, and paid Battle Passes, which replace the current DLC model. Ages look to the future, in order to deliver evenly paced content drops and an easy way for any player to support the game’s growth and receive exclusive themed cosmetics.”

“In Age of Sorcery, players will choose whether to grasp the virulent powers of sorcery, sacrificing a portion of their life force to cast deadly spells and summon unholy creatures. Additionally, thanks to an improved attributes and perks system that gives players choices between perks at certain milestones, character progression and combat is deepened.

“Building has never been better in Conan Exiles; with a complete overhaul adding a faster, easier to use interface for both keyboards and controllers, and a tailored Creative Mode that lets players fly through the air to build without restrictions.

“The update includes a host of further improvements and additions, including tweaks to followers, new placeables and crafting materials related to sorcery and rituals, updates to the world to make it even more alive and dangerous, and more!”

Source: Press release
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